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Sundays at 8:00 AM (in-person & live-streamed) and10:30 AM
Mondays at 6:30 PM

Midweek Advent Services
Wednesdays - December 6, 13, and 20
3:30 PM - (in-person & live-streamed) and 6:30 PM

Children's Christmas Service
Sunday, December 17

3:00 PM - (in-person & live-streamed) and 5:00 PM

Christmas Eve Worship

3:30 PM - Festival of Lessons and Carols (in-person & live-streamed)

5:00 PM - Festival of Lessons and Carols

6:30 PM - Candlelight Worship Service (in-person & live-streamed)

NOTE:  No Sunday morning worship services Christmas Eve.  


Christmas Day Worship

9:00 AM - Festival Worship Service(in-person & live-streamed)


Thanksgiving Day - 9:00 AM

Much to be thankful for


When we receive something we say thank-you. When we receive little or receive infrequently, our thank-yous are small and infrequent. When the gifts keep coming regularly and abundantly, we say thank-you early and often.

Take inventory of your life. Physically we enjoy freedom and comfort and prosperity that is unprecedented in the history of the world. Spiritually we enjoy God's grace and forgiveness, his abundant blessings every day, and the promise of eternal life in the world to come.

Every day blessings of all kinds rain down from heaven—liberally, abundantly. They come from our dear Father in heaven, who lavishes us with everything good from his kindness and care.

We receive much grace! We are showered with much love! 

We respond with much thanks!

Last Sunday of the Church Year - 8:00 AM

The time in between: A time to yearn for the end


In the great timeline of human history, there are only two ultimately significant points: the first time Christ came to our world to win salvation by his life, death, and resurrection; and the second time Christ will come to consummate his eternal victory everlasting kingdom. 

We live in the time in between. Now is the time to yearn for the end.

A Christian man is in anguish from cancer and chemo. A faithful elderly woman endures each day with a spine arched by time, fingers twisted by arthritis, eyes close to blindness. These believers patiently wait for the end. They know that for the children of God, death is not the end of life. Death is the end of sorrow and pain. They yearn for the end of those things, and the beginning of their perfect eternity with Jesus. 

We have come to the end of the church year. It is time to talk about the end of this world on Judgment Day. That day does not frighten us. The first time Christ came he saved us from our sin and the accusations of the devil. The second time he comes, he will save us from everything else. 

On that day, disease will be gone. Abuse, gone. Heartache, gone. Even death will be no more. None of those things will exist ever again. But we will exist forever with our Lord Jesus. Until then we live in the time in between. As we look at all Christ did at his first coming, we yearn for him to come again to end this broken world and to usher all the saints into everlasting glory.

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