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  • Who may attend worship?
    You may! You'll find a wonderful group of fun, caring people. We come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. You'll fit in just fine!
  • What is worship like?
    At Emmanuel we plan our worship around a biblical theme for the day. The songs we sing (mostly hymns) and the portions of the Bible that we read are selected to reinforce that theme. We have opportunity to listen to God speaking to us, and we have the opportunity to praise him, pray to him, and sing to him in return. God is a majestic and transcendent God. In our worship service we want to approach him in reverence, awe and humility – but at the same time with joy and celebration. Our service is carefully planned, and it's printed out, so you'll know what's coming next.
  • What is the sermon going to be like?
    God's word has relevant and personal things to say to people in the 21st century. More than anything, we hope that the sermon relates God's timeless truths to the challenges you're confronting in your life today. We hope that the sermon reinforces things you already knew,teaches you something you didn't know, encourages you in your walk with Jesus, and leaves you with the peace and assurance of God's embracing love and complete forgiveness in Christ.
  • How long is the worship service?
    A typical worship service lasts about an hour.
  • Are you going to call attention to me?
    Not at all! We want you to feel welcome – and we hope you're warmly greeted by other Emmanuel worshipers – but we won't single you out or put you on the spot. You won't be asked to stand up and introduce yourself. There won't be a quiz later on the names of people you met. You can worship as anonymously as you choose. We're just very glad when you can join us to hear the good news about Jesus Christ!
  • How much is it going to cost me?
    Ah, that's an important question! We gather an offering of thanks during the service, usually after the sermon, because it gives our worshipers another chance to praise God with their gift. The offering is completely voluntary – you don't have to participate at all, if you don't care to. When the plate comes by, you may simply pass it along. Nobody will think badly of you or look at you funny if you do so. Quite frankly, our goal is to give something to you, not to take something away from you.
For more information about Emmanuel, please read What We Believe, Teach, and Confess and What to Expect in Worship.
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