A God-Lived Life

Stewardship is about more than money. It’s our whole lives. Jesus lived his life and gave his life for us. Our loving response is to imitate that. Starting in August, for three months, God’s Word will be challenging us, and we’ll be challenging one another to live a God-lived life. And that encompasses everything. We will be talking about a life of being a disciple (August 1), a life lived for others (September 5), a life of hospitality (October 3), and a life lived shrewdly (October 17). Each time we meet for worship, we will be introduced to a challenge that we then prayerfully commit to carrying out the rest of the month. How will we commit to the challenges? As individual members, we are going to fill out a different challenge card each month. This will help to involve our entire family of faith in the challenges and help us encourage each other in the challenges. May God bless us as we grow in his Word and in our lives of living it!
A GOD-LIVED LIFE: A life of hospitality (October)
This month, we look at the God-lived life as one that opens our lives to others. As we invite people into our lives and our homes, God gives us opportunities to share Jesus as we build relationships with them.
Our challenge card this month will focus on living a life of hospitality—opening our hearts and homes to others. How did Jesus show “radical” hospitality? Think of a time someone showed you radical hospitality. How did that make you feel? How can you reflect the love of Jesus by showing that level of hospitality to someone? How can you be different, like Jesus was different?

Our challenge card this month focuses on ways we can be hospitable. On October 3, you will receive a challenge card giving suggestions on living a life of hospitality. You will notice a few suggestions. Feel free to write in your own challenge. Put the challenge card in a place where you will see it regularly. Share it with a family member or friend so that someone can encourage you to fulfill your challenge card.
Here are some other suggestions for challenges:

Invite a neighbor, co-worker, or family member to worship or an event at church • Invite an unchurched friend to an event at church or a youth group event • Have a one-minute conversation with five people I don’t regularly talk to at church • Talk to someone I don’t know well and introduce them to someone I do know well • Introduce myself to someone who is standing alone before or after worship • Arrive at church 15 minutes early one Sunday per month to help greet people • Sit next to a new member each Sunday • Help a young family with their children during worship • Volunteer to hold a baby while the parents take communion • Volunteer to set up coffee/treats one Sunday per month • Invite someone out to lunch after church • Invite a church member who has never been to my home to my home for a meal • Find someone in the church who seems to be involved in everything and ask how I can help them

May God bless us as we live a God-lived life, a life of hospitality!

Click here for the Challenge card.