Member registration for Holy Communion

It is as important as ever for us to receive Holy Communion for the strengthening of our faith and for the comfort and assurance of our forgiveness.

Holy Communion will be served the second, fourth, and fifth weekends of the month. Worshipers desiring to receive Holy Communion can indicate their preference and the number communing when registering to attend a service. (Click here for more information about weekly worship services.)

We will serve the sacrament a little differently than we have usually done in the past. We will use continuous distribution to distribute the elements. Communicants will come forward in one line. They will pause, turn and face the altar, and receive the host. Then they will move to the next place, pause, face the altar, and receive the blood of Christ. Then they will return to their seat. After all communicants have been served, the pastor will speak the dismissal and blessing. The chalice, or common cup, will not be served at this time.

If you would like to receive Holy Communion privately, please contact the church office at (480) 967-3983, and a pastor will schedule a home visit or an appointment at church for private Communion.