Emmanuel's response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Weekend Worship beginning the weekend of June 6-7

Emmanuel is returning to worship inside the church the weekend of June 6-7. We will begin by having five worship times:

  • Saturday (8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.)
  • Sunday (8:00 and 10:30 a.m.)
  • Monday (6:30 p.m.)

Click here to register for your preferred worship time.

Worship will also continue to be broadcast online on Sunday mornings, as we have been doing since March, for all who need to or choose to remain home at this time.

Having five worship times allows us to follow recommended guidelines for social distancing in church. Worshipers will be seated every third row. Within each row, individual worshipers are asked to sit apart from each other, three to a row, leaving an appropriate space between each other. Couples and family units may of course sit next to one another as usual. Two couples or families may sit together in a row with an appropriate space between the parties. To read the state of Arizona’s Guidance for Places of Worship, please click here.

All worshipers must sign up for worship ahead of time. (Click here to register.) Each service will be filled when 50 worshipers have signed up. (This allows us to maintain about 25% of normal capacity in the sanctuary.) Sign-up will be online through a special tab on the worship page of the website, and worshipers may begin signing up the Tuesday morning before the coming weekend. Each member of a couple or family will count as one worshiper during the sign-up. Anyone who needs assistance with signing up may contact the church office at 480-967-3983. Signing up ahead of time shows consideration for the extensive planning that has gone into making sure our group assembly respects the current guidelines.

The first service of the weekend, the Saturday service at 8:00 a.m., will require face masks for all worshipers and participants. (The pastor will remove his face mask when serving at the front of church.) If you are an individual who needs to wear a mask in public or strongly prefers to wear one, please consider attending this service. It is planned out of concern and consideration for you. Face masks may be worn by worshipers at the other four services but are not required.

In preparation for the restart of worship on campus, the church will be thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaner. After each service the seats, rails, doors, sinks, and common areas will be cleaned by volunteers in preparation for the following service. Keeping a clean church and providing a safe and healthy worship environment is the responsibility of all. That is why you are asked to stay home if you are feeling ill or have been recently exposed to illness. You are asked to keep six feet away from others. Avoid touching your face as much as possible. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or elbow. Keep your hands clean by washing them with soap and water or by using hand sanitizer.

When you arrive for worship, gates and doors will be open. The restrooms next to the sanctuary and restrooms off the courtyard will be available for use. A pastor and an usher will be present to welcome you and assist you as needed. We will refrain from handshakes at this time and will maintain appropriate distance as much as possible. You will take a bulletin in the entryway and take a seat in one of the rows designated for that service. The bulletin you take is yours and will not be reused. You will take it with you after worship and dispose of it yourself. The complete service will be in the bulletin, and no hymnals will be used. You may choose to bring your own handheld device with the bulletin downloaded from the website. Instead of having an usher gather an offering with a plate, worshipers may come to the front of church to place their offerings in the plate during the offering time in the service. You may also give online through the website. After worship, you will exit the sanctuary through the entryway. Please do not stay in the entryway. Make your way outside where you may remain in the courtyard.

The water fountain will not be available for use. Please bring your own water with you. We plan to have just a few water bottles available in the entryway. Please bring your own hand sanitizer with you. We plan to have a limited supply on hand. The nursery room will be available for parents to take care of their children’s needs. However, all toys and books will be removed from the room.

Communion is being planned for the second and fourth weekends of the month. Details about communion will be posted before the weekend of June 13-14.

Returning to worship will bring its challenges, just as transitioning to online worship brought its challenges. The pastors and church leaders are ready to review, adapt, and be flexible in adjusting plans as needed. We expect there will be changes in coming weeks. We ask for your patience with us and your prayers for us as we seek to serve the congregation with the means of grace in the best way possible under the circumstances. The coronavirus remains a sensitive and potentially stressful situation. The Lord calls on all of us to have a generous amount of kindness, patience, and love for one another. After all, that is how he treats us.

News and updates will continue to be posted on this website page.

We live for a saving God who came to share our humanity. That’s Emmanuel!
Pastor Brauer


Member assistance update
We are concerned about the physical health and welfare of our congregation.
If you have a need that is not being met by immediate family, please contact the church at (480) 967-3983 and speak with one of the pastors.
If you want to be a volunteer to provide assistance or donate items as needed, contact the church by phone or by email.
If you want to donate funds for special assistance, click here and under "Special Offering" designate the gift for "Special Assistance Fund." This is a fund that our congregation regularly uses to distribute aid to people in need. 
"As we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers" (Galatians 6:10).

Holy Communion for our communicant members
Jesus feeds us with his true body and blood for the forgiveness of our sins and the strengthening of our faith. For more information about how Communion will be served and how you can receive the Sacrament, please click here.