Midweek Lenten Services
Midweek Lenten Worship Schedule
During the season of Lent, we gather for worship on Wednesdays as we meditate on the passion (suffering) of Jesus Christ, which he endured for us. This year's theme is Three Words of Truth and highlights three-word phrases that appear in Scripture in the accounts of our Savior's passion.

Services at 3:30 and 6:30 p.m.
          March 6  Ash Wednesday          
Is it I? (Matthew 26:20-25)
                      March  13  Midweek Lent 2                       
Love one another (John 13:31-35)
                     March 20  Midweek Lent 3                       
Watch and pray (Matthew 26:35-41)
                     March 27  Midweek Lent 4                       
I am he (John 18:3-9)
                      April 3  Midweek Lent 5                       
What is truth? (John18:33-40)
                      April 10  Midweek Lent 6                       
Take him away (John 19:14-18)