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We are gathering for worship at church again on June 6-8, 2020. More information about our plan for being Together in God's House can be found here. To register for one of the in-person worship services, click here.

Holy Trinity
June 7, 2020

Come Holy Spirit! Reveal the true God to us

Evidence of God is all around us. We see his wisdom in the beauty and the complexity of nature. We see his power and majesty as we contemplate the vastness of the heavens. We see his love poured out in his kindness to all his creation, as he send sunshine and rain and provides food, care and protection for all he has made.

But God cannot be known or found or discovered in creation. He remains hidden from human eyes, and no mortal being can reach out and find God.

So God reveals himself. He tells us who he is. He tells us his name is "I am," and he tells us what he has done to save us. He reveals himself as the Triune God, the God of infinite majesty and mystery, but most importantly as the God who appeared in the flesh to save the human race from our sins and to draw us to himself forever.

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