Weekly Devotion
Brothers and Sisters in Faith,

  Several months ago an article by Pastor Mark Jeske caught my eye. It is short and sweet. I am repeating it in this week’s email.   It is titled “A Servant Husband”.

  “Sometimes leadership is thought of as power to get what you want, power to control others, power to manipulate. Christ-leadership, that is, servant leadership, has as its goal making the other person’s life better. In God’s world, husband-leaders are in charge first of the well-being of their wives and children. Their position of leadership in the family is for the benefit and well-being of the family.
Here’s the plan: “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church” (Ephesians 5:25). Notice the role model for husbands. God doesn’t say that husbands should love their wives as James Bond “loved” his girlfriends or as Hugh Hefner “loves” his Playmates.

Christ made our forgiveness and salvation his first priority, more important than his own comfort, preferences, and even life itself. He literally loved us to death—his death.

Husbands, God has asked your wife to let you lead. Is your leadership worthy of that sacrifice on her part? Can she see Jesus in the way you are doing it? Does she feel used and bossed around or built up and precious? Does your leadership make her feel secure, valuable, and honored?”

Pastor Dan Pautz

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