Deeper Roots, Higher Sights
Summary of Revised Building Plans

In the September presentations, the building plan was for a 2-story ministry center on the north end of campus. The lower level contained a large open space that could be configured for education, fellowship, and special events. Also included in the lower level were church offices, a kitchen, storage,
and bathrooms. The upper level contained classroom space for our elementary school. The 2-story building was estimated to cost $4.2 million.

Based on feedback from the September presentations, a revised plan was presented on November 4. The revised plan is for a single-story ministry center on the north end of campus (with open space for multipurpose use, and with church offices, kitchen, storage, and bathrooms). Classroom space would be
built on the south end of campus next to the current school facility. The total estimated cost for the ministry center and the classrooms is around $3.3 million. The exterior elevation drawings from the November 4 meeting show how the ministry center on the north end of campus might possibly look.

Please submit a member response form by Sunday, November 11.

Project Files:
Emmanuel Building Projects - updated financial information
Updated Ministry Center Plan
SE and NE Perspectives of Ministry Center
Updated School Plan
Hardcopy of Member Response Form (print and return to church by Sunday, November 11)